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A South African owned busines, designing and creating ethically made Eco-Friendly products from sustainable resources and plant based materials.

  • The first CJ clay cutters I used where 2 custom made designs I ordered. They were exactly what I ordered and the quality was great. The edges where sharp and cut through the clay perfectly. Regardless of the small size and not using corn starch but just dipping in water no clay was sticking onto the cutters.
    Second time I got bunch of mixed shape cutters and I had the same experience: easy to use and perfectly cut clay.

    Kay - Macrameology_by_kay

  • The clay cutters I got from Cara are amazing! I wanted tiny cutters, so I got them custom made. As is the issue with tiny cutters, I was worried that the clay would stick to the them. I tried them with different clay thicknesses and was so happy to see sharp, clean cuts every single time. 😍 These are some awesome cutters!! ❤

    Divya - Clayspoke

  • One of the best cutters I have ever used. Love how sturdy and sharp they are, there is almost no need for standing. But one more reason why I admire CJ cutters is because her cutter designs are original and unique. My favorite is the botanical collection. Thank you Cara for making such amazing cutters.

    Ramya - Little Something

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