Hi and Welcome to CJHandMade...

I started this journey as a Polymer Clay Jewellery artist, which led me to designing and printing my own custom polymer clay cutters, a part of me was always self-conscious in creating cutters which might be harmful to the environment, so the search to become 100% eco-friendly started.

This journey started 3 years ago, and in those 3 years I have dedicated all of my time in creating my brand, CJHandMade.

I have expanded my brand to incorporate other Eco-friendly products with the hope of bringing you joy, in knowing where your goods come from.

We are a South African Family passionate about immersing our child in nature and nature- inspired activities.

Here at CJHandMade we are all about the sustainable way of life, all our products are ethically made from sustainable resources and plant-based materials.

The huge driving force behind my Eco-Kids products is my son,  our products are playfully designed and tested by our little one.

We proudly make products which are nature inspired, eco-friendly and nontoxic.

Learning about the world we live in, doesn’t have to be boring, and should be enjoyed by all.

We welcome you to join our journey...