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Textured Roller - Ethnic Pattern ( Width 20mm/Length 80mm)

Textured Roller - Ethnic Pattern ( Width 20mm/Length 80mm)

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All the cutters are designed by myself and printed with a 3D printer in my home studio .
As a Polymer Clay Artist I have spent a lot of hours trying to perfect the perfect cut, which would minimise time spent on buffing and sanding.

Each cutter is made out of high-quality PLA plastic, which is also food-safe and biodegradable.
The Color of the cutters may vary.

Please hand wash your clay/cookie cutters in warm (not boiling) soapy water, or wipe down with Isopropyl alcohol. Dishwasher may warp the shape. 

This product is not a toy and it's not suitable for children of any age.

We can make almost any shape of the cutter according to your needs. If you want custom cutters please contact my on
Be sure to follow me on Instagram: to see more on my process, studio and beautiful sharing.

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